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Writing Prompt 8.5.20 - The Bucket List

I'll be 50 in six months. I by no means feel old, and I've never really given any thought to a "Bucket List," but this damn book...anyway, it's what's next:

What are the top ten things on your bucket list?

  1. Write a novel - I think this is for my dad as much as for me. I know that he was impressed by me chasing the writing dream, but I don't think that comics and animation would have put a smile on his face the way me writing a novel would have. He's also probably the only member of my family that would have read it. I miss my dad.

  2. Own a house with a salt water pool - I love water and swimming. I'd be in the water every day if I could. My beloved #Squirrel is allergic to chlorine, and I don't think chlorine is especially good for anyone anyway. Hell, I'd even consider putting in an artificial reef and stocking it with tropical fish, if I could do so humanely.

  3. Live in Hawaii - It's where #Squirrel and I got engaged, among other amazing things.

  4. Live in New York City - Or at least take #Squirrel on an extended visit. The food, the energy, the's the capital of the world, if there is such a thing.

  5. Travel to Europe - London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, the Greek islands. I don't feel like I need to explain this.

  6. Write for Star Wars - No movie hit me the way that Star Wars did when I was six years old. I'm convinced that it's two-thirds of the reason why I became a professional storyteller. I'd very much like to leave my mark on it.

  7. Write an ongoing comic book series. (Hell, I'd like to be writing three or four at once.) Hunter Black comes close, but it doesn't scratch this particular itch. My flagship webcomic only requires me to write three pages a week, half of what an ongoing comic book series requires. Plus, I'd like the experience of building a working relationship with an editor.

  8. Own a winery - Now I'm getting to the pie in the sky stuff, the stuff that sometimes crosses my mind, but isn't necessarily a GOAL. There's something wonderfully idyllic about that Central Coast of California pseudo-rural life that really appeals to me. The infinite diversity of wine seems a powerful metaphor for humanity, certainly more than any other type of alcoholic beverage (although beer is getting close, and I'd be almost as happy brewing beer).

  9. See proof of alien intelligence - Okay, I know. On the one hand, this is as improbable a thing as there is. On the other hand, the government seems on the verge of revealing this exact truth. (On the...third...hand?...this isn't exactly the most honest period in our government's history.)

  10. Be truly fit. Back to harsh reality. I've been candy-coated for as long as I can remember. I wish I didn't love food and indolence. I'd love to feel strong and fast and free.

I started writing this at something like 6:30am, after going to bed at 2:00am. I have a list of things that I need to get done today, too. This is gonna be a weird one.

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