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"Hunter Black is billed as 'hard-boiled fantasy,' but between Peniston’s writing and Orr’s art, the comic never forgets the fun."

Lauren Davis,

"If you like 'hard-boiled' tales with blood, violence, and more blood, then boy oh boy this is the comic for you."

Pretty Cool Webcomics, on Hunter Black

"A cynical and sly romp through the world of cut-throats, roughs and toughs that's sure to make you smirk."

Strip Show - A Webcomic Revue, on Hunter Black


"Rocket Queen and The Wrench #1  is one of the most refreshingly honest kids comics I've read in a while. "

"The turn around time was quick, his thoughts were insightful, he gives his honest opinion, and a knowledgeable breakdown. I will definitely be going back to him for my next project. "

Fawn Bowen, actor/writer/producer

"...the book crackles, delivering emotion and exposition in one blow. "

David Pepose, Newsarama, on Rocket Queen and The Wrench

"Justin Peniston delivers a thoughtful bit of insight into the mind of a super-powered family that has it anything but easy."

Pullbox Reviews, on The Family Secret

"Every time we met at a con, Justin had new work to share. He'd met new people, artists and writers of like minds. He'd made meaningful strides in his relationships with 'professionals' in our field. (I throw myself into that dubious category.) He was working. Published or not, the man was walking the walk, honing his craft and pursuing the vocation he was called to even though no one was buying... 


Until one year, someone did buy. The next year, he was working for a major publisher. Eventually he did some work for my company. He started Hunter Black and a number of other independent ventures. His writing pops. It's fun. It's strong.


Justin is a working writer because he is talented, patient, and tenacious."

Joe Kelly

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