Writing Prompt 08.19.20 - Love Song

If you wrote a song about your love life, what would the title be? Write the first verse.

I did not start doing these prompts to do anything that smacked of poetry...and in this case, something that smacked of my HIGH SCHOOL poetry. I haven’t needed a prompt in a week or more; I’ve had assignments that are time-sensitive, and I find that time-sensitivity usually gives me all the inspiration I need. (Also, I love the project, which helps.)

But I’m in a moment where I have a breather, and I want to remain productive. Skipping this particular prompt feels a bit like cheating...and writing about the love that is my life feels more personal than I usually get in a blog post.

Oh well. I’m not much for cheating.

Sheltered By The Sun

Winds blow, rains fall, the ache in my knees was a hole in my chest

Alone in the storm and alone in the booth where my last love had cruelly confessed

Her need for something besides me and the hurricane whisked her away

to a place where I could not and would not follow on that or any other day

Like Bizarro-Truman, suddenly the sun broke on me and me alone or so it finally seemed

And I really don’t know if it was that sun or me upon her that suddenly beamed

This is terrible but it’s honest. I’m just going to sit here being glad that my #Squirrel doesn’t read my blog posts. (Don't ask me why "Bizarro-Truman" felt right, but it did.)

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