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The Fanbase Weekly #164

In The Fanbase Weekly, the Fanbase Press staff and a host of special guests from across the pop culture spectrum discuss the top geek stories of the week.

In the latest episode, The Fanbase Weekly co-hosts welcome special guests Jim Hereth (screenwriter/comics writer - Blowback) and Allen Carter (witer/artist/publisher - Carter Comics) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including why Justice League's Chris Terrio is pissed off, why supervillains should behave monstrously, and two trailer roundups, featuring Jupiter's Legacy, Ghostbusters:Afterlife, Loki, Picard: Season 2, Space Jam 2, and Black Widow.

The supervillains story was inspired by an article on The Mary Sue -- "Revolutionary Villains Are Turned Into Monsters So That We Don't Support Them" -- and that part of the discussion was led by yours truly. (SPOILER: I hated the article -- it feeds into everything that I think is wrong with fandom these days.)

This is available pretty much everywhere you go to get podcasts (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), or you can just click through the image above to be taken directly to its page on the Fanbase Press website. You can also call Fanbase Press at (818) 208-7379 to offer your own insights!

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