Sometimes It Feels Like The World Is Against Me

These are dark days in the U.S. of A.

I'm, like, the original glass half-full...hell, glass damn-near-full...kinda guy. I tend to be confident, optimistic, and happy. The goings-on in the land that I love (I LOVE AMERICA...even if my love is unrequited) make it hard to be as positive as I usually am.

The especially sad thing (for me) is that I'm facing incremental hardships in my writing career as well...and right now, the writing career is it. All I am is a freelance writer. No more hospitality, no more management. (Well, unless you count MY manager.)

I've been pitching comic ideas all over the independent publishing landscape -- and while my ideas have been generating a lot of enthusiasm...they've generated no deals, no contracts, NO WORK. There was one meeting with one relatively impressive company...and then the exec that I'd been talking with left the company. At best, I have to start all over with them and hope I have the same rapport with the first person's replacement. At worst, the new person will go in a new direction.

Animation is better. It is. It's been a while since I posted here, so you might not know that Will and I joined Massive Chaos, an animation development company. We're a collective of five creatives that develop animated shows and features.

(Website under construction.)

And Massive Chaos DOES have a contract in place. We are working on a show with an animation studio right now. And that's AWESOME, but...

...there's no money yet. Basically, our studio and their studio are developing a pitch for a show on spec. That's not a bad thing, because they're a major studio with a first look deal with a big time buyer...but this isn't paying the bills, and until we're at a point where we can publicize it, it's not building the brand, either.

Anyway. Rough weekend. This is really just me venting my frustrations. I'll post something happier and more productive later.

Be good to yourselves and each other.

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