Shameless Shilling

First and foremost, if you do nothing else to support the comic, please consider doing this. The Ringo Awards are soliciting nominations…and Team Hunter Black is willing to accept them! Seriously, it would be wonderful to win an award like this, but the immediate goal is getting the comic in front of more eyes…making an eventual actual nomination more possible. You could nominate one or all of us in the following categories:

  • Best Writer – Justin Peniston

  • Best Artist or Penciler – William Orr

  • Best Letterer – Jacob Bascle

  • Best Webcomic – Hunter Black

This feels somewhat shameless, begging for nominations…but marketing is a strange beast, and every little bit helps. Click through to the nominations page on the logo above.

The #MCUandChill train just keeps chugging along. This Thursday, April 15th, at 7:00pm PST, the POPSKL Podcasters (of whom I am a member) will be LiveTweeting as we watch Thor: The Dark World. This is probably the most maligned film in the MCU, so it should be a good time. Follow us on Twitter @POPSKLpod or just click the image above…and look for the #MCUandChill hashtag.

Finally, one of my oldest and dearest friends has a blog/podcast called Full Contact Nerd. He’s interviewed such luminaries as Ellen Datlow, Mike Carey, and Andy Weir (upcoming) on his podcast and I guess he figured I was interesting enough to be featured in the same space as those studs. This isn’t a fair comparison to make, because I’ve known Cris Alvarez for going on 30 years…we have played a LOT of D&D together…but I’ve never had more fun in an interview. Plus, I apparently hold the title for having the most profanity [REDACTED] from one of his interviews, so I consider that a badge of honor. (I mean, he bleeps out “pissed off”…so it’s not that bad.)

Like everything in this blog post, you can click through the link to get to the interview…if you’re a fan of Hunter Black, I think you’ll find it interesting!

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