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Rock & Roll HoF 2023

The first round of nominations for the next class of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been released. I have opinions.

Kate Bush

Sheryl Crow

Missy Elliott

Iron Maiden

Joy Division/New Order

Cyndi Lauper

George Michael

Willie Nelson

Rage Against The Machine


The Spinners

A Tribe Called Quest

The White Stripes

Warren Zevon

I would argue that The Spinners are the most significant group to come out of the Philadelphia Soul era and their induction is long overdue.

I would further argue that Tribe represents the high water mark of rap/hip hop in its most significant era, the late 80s/early 90s.

After those two, I'd really just like to see women get in. Kate Bush strikes me as the most deserving of the women up there and is, to me, the #3 "Must Induct."

It gets foggier after that, for me. George Michael is my favorite artist of those remaining. Hard to ignore Joy Division/New Order. I mean, everyone else is deserving enough...I just don't know if they're more deserving than everyone else. Where's Chaka Khan when I need her?

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