"Predators" 10th Anniversary Retrospective Podcast

I have, and will probably always have, a soft spot for the Predator franchise. First off, I can’t overstate my love for the original Predator film; it’s over-muscled machismo at its best…while also puncturing a tiny little hole in that machismo.

More than that, the film that we review in this podcast, Predators, happens to represent the execution of an idea that I had once upon a time. That’s not a big deal in and of itself, because the concept is not a hard one to come to, but the big deal for me is that Predator 3: Game Preserve is the title of the first screenplay that I ever tried to write. I knew nothing about writing for the screen at the time…I think I wrote fifty pages and was still in the FIRST ACT…but it represents some of my first faltering steps on the path to this writing dream. So this film interests me in particular for the paths it took that I expected, the paths it took that I didn’t, and the paths that it didn’t take at all.

The people at Fanbase Press are always awesome to chat with. Check this out. I think you’ll like it.

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