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I Have An Announcement!

It's been a long time coming, but Hunter Black Volume Two: Five of Thirteen is here! (Well...almost.)

Just before the holidays got into full swing, we sent the print files to 133art, the awesome local printer/publisher that is handling the book for us. It'll be a few weeks before we actually have the books in hand...but we're so excited that we're making the book available for pre-order NOW.

This book is a WHOPPER, weighing in at an impressive 424 pages and introducing fan-favorite characters Jasoom Badrali and Zezem the Cruel! It includes a ton of fascinating back-matter, including pin-ups by a bevy of awesome indie comic artists. The repercussions of this story are being felt in Hunter Black even now...if you're a fan, this is a must-read. Pre-order the book today and get ten dollars off!

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