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Warm Up - 11/13/23

I'm trying to focus my writing time a little better, and I want to start by warming up every day. So I set a timer for 15 minutes and I'm off, just writing whatever comes to my head.

I have multiple projects in the works, as always. First and foremost is always Hunter Black, and I have to tell you, I'm both loving and terrified of what I'm doing with it. I was working from an outline, but in the middle of the first half of "Act Two," Hunter and company led me off in a completely different direction. I've been writing by the seat of my pants heading vaguely in a very cool direction. Part of my mandate to myself is try and surprise myself (and Will), because I figure if I can pull that off, I can surprise the readers as well.

The next thing is an original graphic novel project that I'm working on with some other animation professionals. They don't have any comics experience, so on a certain level, I'm guiding the process -- but on the other hand, the people I'm collaborating with are extremely talented storytellers, so they're bringing some fire. It's fun, fun project.

My manager (and I'm repped by David Server from Venture Entertainment Partners, if you need to know) wants me to take a swing at another live action sample, so I've been brainstorming on a pilot. I'm finding myself digging into some personal stuff even in the planning stages. If I pull this off, this'll have been one of the hardest things I've ever done. I mean, this combines my love for horror and sci-fi with the various traumas I've suffered in my life.

My buddy Dan Schkade is working on the Flash Gordon daily strip -- I read it in The Washington Post. It's only been going for a couple of weeks and it's already fun. Dan's an INCREDIBLE talent, check out his Lavender Jack if you don't believe me. His Flash Gordon will be the stuff of legend in short order, if Lavender Jack is anything to go by.

Massive Chaos, the animation development company in which I'm a creative partner, has been taking lots of meetings since the summer...and maybe they're starting to bear fruit? We've taken second (and third!) meetings with a few companies, big companies, and we're definitely building relationships. We even got someone to give us some actual direction as to what they're looking for...and I've working on stuff for them whenever I have a free minute.

Ooop. That's 15 minutes. Time to work on one of the aforementioned projects. Thanks for reading.

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