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Today Is A Better Day

Okay, so a couple of days ago, I posted a real Eeyore of a blog...the USA seems to be gasping its last and I was venting writing career frustrations. Well, today it looks like the nurse bringing a shot of adrenaline to the operating table -- and I'm reminded that I have a lot going on to be proud of and thankful for.

First and foremost, OF COURSE, I continue to work on Hunter Black. Honestly, I'm having more fun writing Hunter Black now than I maybe ever have. It might never be as successful as Will and I would like, but it's the very definition of a labor of love. I've stopped worrying about anything but doing crazy stuff that I like -- and it's been a gas.

My partners and I at Massive Chaos are busy, busy, busy. We're currently under contract with a major animation studio to work on a show idea that we brought to them. Like, I was just whining about how there's no money involved yet, because I was feeling sorry for myself, but...

...I AM DEVELOPING A REAL SHOW AT A REAL STUDIO. That is nothing to be sad about...not a situation to be judgmental of. It's awesome, full stop.

This above picture is a piece of concept art from a project I was hired to write for something like ELEVEN YEARS ago. It's a fun bit of SF-noir, sharing elements from stuff like Blade Runner, The Expanse, and Tomb Raider. I got paid to write a few issues that never saw the light of day. Well, the artist and IP owner just recently got back in touch with me to ask if I wanted to try again.

Suffice it to say that I sent him a pitch for a new take on the series last night. It'll be fun to see if we've gotten any better with this.

I shared this already this past week, but it's worth bringing back up. I'm publishing what would charitably be called a novella on Kindle Vella right now. (Writing that sentence just told me where they probably got the name from.) The first two episodes of Heaven of the Moon and Mars have already gone live; I uploaded the final three over the weekend. They'll be available the next three Tuesdays and Fridays.

I hope you'll check it out -- the first three episodes are free after all. I've already put a bunch of work into my next Vella project, which will be much more properly a novella. I already have seven chapters and I'm not even halfway through yet.

More than anything else, this is me trying to use the self-indulgent stuff I have, stuff that no outlet has shown much interest in, to build my writing brand and hopefully make a tiny bit of cash in the process. It's remarkably gratifying.

Lastly, I've been hired on for TWO projects for Avalanche Comics Entertainment. ACE is former DC editor Jordan Gorfinkel's comic production company; they don't publish their own stuff, but you can hire them to make comics for you to have published. Gorf got my name from a mutual acquaintance and I've been making comics (original graphic novels, really) with him ever since. They'll eventually see the light of day, I'm confident of that, and I can't wait for people to see them.

Oh, and then there's this guy. For someone so fast, he's really keeping me waiting!

Sonic Prime is supposed to drop on Netflix any minute now. Hopefully, we get another season. Hopefully, it's a huge smash and more people will be looking to hire me to write their cartoons. Hopefully!

Just this morning, a buddy of mine hit me up to let me know that there's another potential gig out there, we just have to see how the chips fall.

I mean, the truth is, I'm a working writer, and having work never means you stop hustling for more. So, if you're reading this, go check out whatever you haven't already. Every new reader, every new all matter.

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